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How Women Can Guarantee a 2nd Date

 Dating expert and former Hollywood agent shares proven, step-by-step advice  

Nashville, TN – As a former Hollywood agent, Victorya Michaels Rogers knows dating. She’s been pursued by actors, athletes and rock stars, and even entertained 100 blind dates during one eighteen month period, with 98 of them asking for a second date. What’s her secret?

In The Automatic 2nd Date (Howard Books), Rogers shares the “science” of dating, including everything women need to do and say on a first date to get an automatic second date, all while keeping their dignity and self-respect intact.

“What is the mystery about getting men to call back? You go out, seem to have a great time, he says he’ll call you, and then nothing, zippo, silence. He’s gone. Could it be that you are scaring all the guys away without even knowing it?” asks Rogers. In The Automatic 2nd Date, Rogers teaches readers everything she discovered and reveals her proven, hands-on, step-by-step dating instructions, including:

  • Where to find attractive, available men
  • How to tap into your Male GPS
  • How to get any man to notice you and compel them to walk on over to you
  • How to enlist friends’, colleagues and family members to introduce you to great dates
  • How to instantly connect with your man on the very first date
  • How to carry an intriguing conversation, including 100 questions get you started
  • The one thing you can do that guarantees a 2nd date (and it’s not sex!)

From teenagers to Baby Boomers, dating rookies to battle-worn veterans, from divorced to widowed, Rogers opens up readers’ dating lives to new realities in the search for the man who is worth keeping “’til death do us part.” Each chapter of The Automatic 2nd Date begins with a scene from a well-known movie illustrating the technique being addressed, making it easier to understand and employ. Journaling suggestions and concise chapter recaps are also included to help make these secrets a part of your dating lives.

About Victorya Michaels Rogers: From no dates to being pursued by an Academy Award winner, rock star, gospel singer, athlete and more, Victorya Michaels Rogers, a former Hollywood agent, went on more than 100 first dates with 98 percent of them asking her out for a second. Rogers has dating down to a science and enjoys teaching that science to her audience. With a bachelors degree from California State University at Long Beach and a master’s degree from Fuller Theological Seminary, this motivational speaker/dating coach is now happily married to Will, one of her automatic 2nd dates. They have two children and live in a suburb of Dallas.

About The Automatic 2nd Date:
The Automatic 2nd Date: Everything to Say and Do on the 1st Date to Guarantee... by Victorya Michaels Rogers. Published by Howard Books, a Division of Simon & Schuster. October 2007. Paperback, 272 pages. $14.99. ISBN: 978-1416543824


About Victorya Michaels Rogers
Author of The Automatic 2nd Date

Author and speaker Victorya Michaels Rogers inspires her audiences to rekindle forgotten dreams as she shows them how to catch them. A former Hollywood agent, Victorya is a popular speaker on the talk circuit. With infectious enthusiasm, she speaks around the country at conferences, retreats, churches, singles' groups and women's clubs. Victorya is the author of Finding a Man Worth Keeping and her newest book, The Automatic 2nd Date.
Her latest book comes straight from her heart and offers step-by-step advice for women on what to do before, during and after a date to guarantee a second one. From no dates to being pursued by an Academy Award winner, rock star, gospel singer, athlete and more, Victorya went on more than 100 first dates with 98 percent of them asking her out for a second. Rogers has dating down to a science and enjoys teaching that science to her audience. Married for the past ten years, Victorya has set out to offer hope to those who are still struggling from years of disappointment and discouragement.

A former Hollywood agent, Victorya entered the entertainment world at 18, became an agent at 23, and for more than a decade was a prominent Hollywood agent, booking millions of dollars in business annually.

She represented award-winning producers, directors, writers, technical crew and actors for film and television. She also taught three years at the esteemed Entertainment Studies Extension of UCLA on how to break into the entertainment business.

In 1998, Victorya retired from her agent career, however she continues to consult. Though frequently found in her native California, Victorya and her husband Will, son, Matthew, and daughter, Katie live in a suburb of Dallas.

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Victorya Michaels Rogers
Author of The Automatic 2nd Date

For an interview with Victorya Michaels Rogers, contact Ben Laurro
at Pure Publicity at 818.753.4056 or

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 Relationship Story Angle
Inspired from The Automatic 2nd Date

Can you be Guaranteed a 2nd Date with Any First Date?
This author and dating coach claims you can and says she proved it herself with over 100 first dates that got her 98 requests for a 2nd date—and she didn’t ask for or pay for any of them. Victorya Rogers has first dates down to a science and says she can teach it to anyone. Tune in to hear her ultimate dating secret—and it’s not sex!

Are you like Katharine Heigl’s "Jane" in 27 Dresses—Always the Bridesmaid?
We can change that! If you get anxiety when those wedding invitations show up, fear no more. Weddings aren’t just about the bride and groom anymore—they’re a great place to meet your mate or in the very least, your next first date! Victorya Rogers, author of The Automatic 2nd Date reveals the secrets of turning your next wedding invitation into anticipation of a love match. Her advice includes never taking a date, getting guest list info ahead of time, being prepared to flirt and all set to put Rogers’ dating secrets into action at a reception you won’t soon forget.

Can Politics Bring you Love?
Is this presidential election season a good time for love? In this climate of rhetoric and heated debates, is there actually something for the single American to glean from the political rhetoric filling the airwaves? Dating expert Victorya Rogers says yes, you can actually find love the political way. She’s here today to show us how.
The Politicians secret to winning at love:
                        Always be charming
                        Only answer the questions you want to answer
                        Answer unwanted questions with a question yourself OR
                        Answer unwanted questions with an answer to an unasked question.

Is there a Dating GPS?
Is there actually a GPS on the market to help you find your next date—you know a tracking device you can just flip the switch on to find your next great date? Dating Coach Victorya Rogers says there is indeed a MALE GPS and this little tracking device is already in your possession and free you just need to turn it on. Let the author of The Automatic 2nd Date help you discover your internal Global Positioning Satellite and help you track your next date.

Should You Be His Clone?
Can playing copy cat actually cause your date to fall head over heals for you instantly? Are we really just looking for a clone of ourselves when we set out to date? This dating coach says yes—Find out how to get that automatic call back by becoming your date’s mirror reflection of your date and how not to be a phony at the same time.

How to Date at Work and Not Get Fired!
We’ve all heard about the taboo of dating at your workplace just as often as we’ve heard the stories of the boss running off with his secretary. So should you or shouldn’t you date at work? Dating expert Victorya Rogers reveals the secrets of how to have a great office romance while still keeping your job and your integrity.

Valentine’s Day Story Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, the day when ladies dream of roses, chocolate and romantic dinners. Victorya Rogers would love to share with your audience some fun and creative tips to a creating memorable holiday. Here are a few topics:

Why You Should Never Ask Your Man Out for Valentine’s Day
Dating Coach Victorya Rogers says a woman should never do the asking for a Valentine’s Day date. Bring on Victorya and she’ll reveal WHY it’s a taboo (either he’ll assume you’re buddies hanging out or you’ll scare him away). Victorya will also teach your audience ways you can get that man to ask you out (from flirting, to mirroring, to getting friends involved).

How Buying Your Man Gifts Hurts Your Relationship Without You Knowing It
Dating Coach Victorya Rogers says you should never out-give your man, especially on Valentine’s Day. She will also offer tips on appropriate gift giving for various stages of romance (new love, committed relationship, engagement and marriage).

How a Confident Single Gals Survives a Dateless Valentine Day
Rogers shares the four things your single audience members can do to survive a dateless Valentine’s Day night—without eating a whole carton of ice cream!

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