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Automatic 2nd Date

The Automatic 2nd Date:

Everything to Do and Say to Gurantee a 2nd Date

Frustrated with too few call-backs for 2nd dates or a lack of 1st dates? The Automatic 2nd Date fixes that with step-by-step secrets for getting any 1st date plus details on how to behave before, during and after the 1st date to automatically get called back for a 2nd. Follow Victorya’s advice and you’re guaranteed to transform your repeat date ratio! READ DETAILS - READ AN EXCERPT

Finding A Man Worth Keeping

Finding A Man Worth Keeping:

10 Dating Secrets that Work!

Ever wonder why you’re alone or keep dating Mr. Wrong? From models and movie stars, Hollywood agent Victorya Rogers learned how to attract any man, but not how to keep one or how to find a quality one! After years of research, practice and mistakes, Victorya finally mastered the missing skills. Now happily married, Victorya reveals the top 10 secrets of finding, attracting and keeping not just any guy, but the right guy READ DETAILS -  READ AN EXCERPT

About the Author

Dating Expert Victorya Rogers went from no dates to being pursued by an Academy Award winner, rock star, doctor, policeman, athlete and more. She date well over 100 men during her decade as a Hollywood agent. She also taught 3 years at UCLA. Victorya received her bachelors from CSULB and her master’s from Fuller Seminary. Victorya has been married to Will for 10 years. They live in Dallas with their two children.