Weiner, Schwarzenegger, Favre & Women they Tease

Anthony Weiner, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bret Favre are just three examples of men who seems to have the perfect lives and perfect wives and yet they habitually appeared to make really stupid choices to risk their marriages by tweeting, textings and teasing. Why would congressman Weiner, the young star of the democrats, send risque pictures of himself to several women? Why would Arnold continue his womanizing while Governor? And why would the darling of football and family man, Bret Favre, flirt and allegedly send a naked picture of himself to another woman (noticeably a younger looking version of his own wife)? Ladies, these men are not having caring, emotional , affairs with these other women. They are treating them disrespectfully, as sex objects.

Women who would fall for that just because these men are famous or “important” are making equally stupid choices. The men are NOT going to leave their wives for you. And if their wives leave them when/if the behavior is exposed….guess what? You are not the woman they will pursue a relationship with because you are merely a sex object to them. AND if he DOES go to you and begin a relationship, even rebound marries you, he will cheat on you as well, period. I have had coaching clients that fit this category. I am always amazed to hear how shocked these ladies are that their man has an affair on them, when they got together with him when he was married to someone else. Hello, once a cheater….this is not rocket science. The Bible says what you put out comes back to you. So girls, no matter how flattered you are that a celebrity appears to be enamored with you, if he’s married, he’s just another cheater who will cheat on you if he even seriously pursues you. There is no “win” in these scandals for those involved.

So ladies, if you meet a celebrity and he seems to notice you, if you want to take home an ego boost, just accept a little thrill he smiled at you in the first place and leave it at that. You’ll save yourself, his wife and a whole lotta people a lot of pain.

Until Next time, Your love and life coach, Victorya Rogers

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