As Shocking as it may be, Not Everyone Likes You

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There’s a new game show on TV right now called “Snap Decision”—people see a picture then listen to a brief video interview then are asked a series of questions about the individual. The premise? Can you accurate “judge” someone from a photo or brief interaction? It’s actually a fun show because no matter how much you […]

Tiger makes the Right Moves

When you make mistakes (and we all do), it is what you do NEXT that matters most. As most of the world saw today, Tiger Woods came out with his official apology after months of absence and silence. He said everything you could have wanted him to say. He took full responsibility for his actions, […]

If You’ve Ever Yearned for Love

Late last night I just finished Trish Ryan’s book HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT. Wow, this is a must read for ANY WOMAN who has ever made even one bad decision at love, even more so, for any woman who has ever searched for the meaning of life or love. Not since Lauren Winner’s GIRL MEETS GOD […]

Like Rosie, Are You Expecting Too Much?

I just finished reading Celebrity Detox by Rosie O’Donell. My complete review is below. What I took most from her book is a lesson for all of us…beware of placing unfair and unrealistic expectation on others to fill the void in your life someone ELSE left. Rosie is desperately seeking a “perfect mother figure” to […]

Yes, There are Dating Games People Play

 Yes, people play games while dating and first dates are often feared as the most dreaded upcoming event, but it is also filled with anticipation of potentially the answer to your dreams. The emotions are all over the board. But there are concrete ways to dramatically improve the results of the quality and quantity of […]