Tiger makes the Right Moves

When you make mistakes (and we all do), it is what you do NEXT that matters most. As most of the world saw today, Tiger Woods came out with his official apology after months of absence and silence. He said everything you could have wanted him to say. He took full responsibility for his actions, praised his wife for her “grace” in the circumstances, defended his wife and family, and announced he had been in counseling and rehab this whole time and will be going right back to rehab. Business-wise it was brilliant; golf is happy they will soon (probably not soon enough) get their champion back; and sponsors can breathe a sigh of relief. My feedback as a relationship coach? He has thus far done all the right things (from what we see) to get his marriage back. As he mentioned, it is not his words but rather his long term actions that will earn him back his wife’s trust. But he has made all the right steps thus far. Lesson to be learned by anyone who makes monumental mistakes? There is always hope for tomorrow. You CAN start over. Yes, you will have consequences and major damage control. But it is what you do AFTER the mistake that determines the quality of your future. The public forgets. Those closest to you don’t, unless you sincerely confess and make amends over time.

Tiger Woods Apologizes
Tiger Woods Apologizes

Do you want to know how to get him back?

Do you want to know how to get him back after you’re (temporarily) rejected?¬†Here is my secret that is sure to have your man’s head spinning and you on the way to getting exactly what you want!Just hold your head up high, be cool and let him go when he says he wants out (or just disappears) no matter how much it hurts. If someone doesn’t think they want to be with you, let them have the freedom to experience life without you. What good does that do? Wonders! Trust me. Because your LACK of a screaming bitter fit leaves him doubting his decision to leave. You see when you let him go when he’s gone already, you are just accepting what’s already done rather than fighting what can’t be changed in the immediate here and now. What you GAIN is that your man leaves thinking “Wow, I thought she’d hate me and she’s okay with this? Wow, maybe I was wrong…” No matter how painful letting go is for you, force yourself to be classy in the face of rejection. You leave the door open for him to come back at some point in the future–that might be a week or a year. Either way, when he comes back, you are in the driving seat. You see, you are a magnetic woman who faces your own pain, mourns your loss, then moves on with your life. So when your ex comes back you may or may not want him back depending on where you are in your life at that point. What a great place to be! Believe me that has happened to me on several occasions and you know what? I didn’t want them back when they came back because I was able to see them for who they really were–and they weren’t men worth keeping! To get all my dating secrets sign up for my Newsletter Below or check out my latest book…

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