Tiger makes the Right Moves

When you make mistakes (and we all do), it is what you do NEXT that matters most. As most of the world saw today, Tiger Woods came out with his official apology after months of absence and silence. He said everything you could have wanted him to say. He took full responsibility for his actions, […]

A Little Love and Respect Changes Everything

On Sofa’s Edge we like to offer our viewers tools to help them improves their lives and marriages. Dr. Emerson Eggerichs book LOVE AND RESPECT offers great insight to help any troubled marriage. If you want to know what your spouse’s basic needs are and HOW to meet those needs without feeling you lose yourself, […]

Your House, Your Man and Remodeling

We’ve just put our house on the market and have been shopping around for another house. There were certain changes and improvements we wanted to make on the old house and figured it would be easier to trade it in for a new, smaller, more “perfect”-for-us home. After collapsing on our couch back home after a Sunday […]

Barbara Walters, Jessica Simpson and Impulsive Decisions

I am in the middle of reading Barbara Walters autobiography AUDITION which I must say I am thoroughly enjoying. After reading her 600 page memoir it will be a shocking day for anyone to accuse her of being one of high moral standards (her multiple affairs are just one example), yet she seems completely unaware that she […]

Christie Brinkley, You, & Choosing Wrong AGAIN!

Christie Brinkley appears to be a classy and lovely lady that is simply unlucky at love. Afterall, this is her FOURTH marriage. And her divorce trial with Peter Cook is the uglilest of them all. Check out what the psychiatrist had to say on the stand today during their divorce trial: CNN Report on Psychiatrist […]