Martha Stewart’s Daughter and Why We Do What We Do

Martha Stewart’s Daughter and Why We Do What We Do I just happened to be channel surfing last night and caught 1/2 of an episode of WHATEVER, MARTHA!,a show hosted by two gals, one being Martha Stewart’s daughter Alexa. This particular episode was on dating so of course I paused to watch a bit. Wow, […]

Yes, There are Dating Games People Play

 Yes, people play games while dating and first dates are often feared as the most dreaded upcoming event, but it is also filled with anticipation of potentially the answer to your dreams. The emotions are all over the board. But there are concrete ways to dramatically improve the results of the quality and quantity of […]

First Dates and the Garage Sale

I took part in my neighborhood garage sale yesterday. I have an overwhelming amount of STUFF that is just in my way, so I spent a week cleaning out, setting up and pricing each item (minimum of 75% off everything). The day came and man was I disappointed and irritable. Most every shopper haggled over […]