She found love and happiness!

Jill found happiness, love and marriage after reading my book FINDING A MAN WORTH KEEPING. Yeah! And she’s bragging about it in this week’s WOMAN’S WORLD on news stands and grocery stores right now. It’s the March 23 issue with Oprah Winfrey on the cover and the full story is on page 22. Check it […]

Your House, Your Man and Remodeling

We’ve just put our house on the market and have been shopping around for another house. There were certain changes and improvements we wanted to make on the old house and figured it would be easier to trade it in for a new, smaller, more “perfect”-for-us home. After collapsing on our couch back home after a Sunday […]

Christie Brinkley, You, & Choosing Wrong AGAIN!

Christie Brinkley appears to be a classy and lovely lady that is simply unlucky at love. Afterall, this is her FOURTH marriage. And her divorce trial with Peter Cook is the uglilest of them all. Check out what the psychiatrist had to say on the stand today during their divorce trial: CNN Report on Psychiatrist […]

Should She or Shouldn’t She?

DeAnna Pappas is on dangerous ground for her heart on ABC’s Bachelorette. She is most attracted to Graham Bunn. There have yet to be ex-girlfriends of Bunn coming out publicly to say he’s a heartbreaker, yet he’s gone on record that the longest relationship since high school is 4 months long. He’s charismatic, attractive and “cool” with […]

Denise Richards, Is it REALLY that Complicated?

Wow. I watched the first episode of the new reality show on the E! Channel “Denise Richards, It’s Complicated.” She said she did the show to expose to the world that she is not as bad as all the press makes her out to be. She’s tired of the reputation of one who stole her […]

Should Heidi have Given him another Chance?

Heidi Montag and her man appear to still be together Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Party in Vegas. So the question is, did he deserve another chance after ‘the other woman”. Okay ladies, it really does depend. Why did he cheat? Were the commitment lines completely drawn? Now of course in this case, as with […]

3 Ways to be Irresistable and Snag that 2nd Date

Okay ladies, I was asked for a quick response of what my top three secrets are to be an irresistable first date so your man will definitely call you back for a 2nd! Here are the ultimate three… 1.Make the first date all about your man. Show him a great time by letting him talk all […]