Ali chooses Love…Will it Last?

Now that they live together he no longer has to work at winning her over and the relationship will settle into everyday life of “playing house” long before there is a foundation and history together other than the bubble of a fantasy relationship developed in front of the cameras. Thus a relationship that had all the potential to work out in the long run may fall apart merely because they skipped the vital step of laying the foundation. Time will tell.

Should Heidi have Given him another Chance?

Heidi Montag and her man appear to still be together Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Party in Vegas. So the question is, did he deserve another chance after ‘the other woman”. Okay ladies, it really does depend. Why did he cheat? Were the commitment lines completely drawn? Now of course in this case, as with […]

3 Ways to be Irresistable and Snag that 2nd Date

Okay ladies, I was asked for a quick response of what my top three secrets are to be an irresistable first date so your man will definitely call you back for a 2nd! Here are the ultimate three… 1.Make the first date all about your man. Show him a great time by letting him talk all […]