Tiger makes the Right Moves

When you make mistakes (and we all do), it is what you do NEXT that matters most. As most of the world saw today, Tiger Woods came out with his official apology after months of absence and silence. He said everything you could have wanted him to say. He took full responsibility for his actions, […]

From Hollywood to Ever After–the real story

Life Stories just uploaded my story of my life thus far–my road to becoming a Hollywood agent, the saga of looking for love in all the wrong places, and the ever after story of how I found my man and God’s sense of humor in the midst of it all. Check it out: Victorya Rogers–From […]

I Met Husband at the Golden Globes

Sunday was the 66th annual Golden Globe Awards. Aw the memories it sparked! For 17 consecutive years I attended those awards–which by far are the most fun and glamourous evening Hollywood has to offer. They’re even better than the Academy Awards because the show takes place in one ballroom where the stars begin with a […]

Like Rosie, Are You Expecting Too Much?

I just finished reading Celebrity Detox by Rosie O’Donell. My complete review is below. What I took most from her book is a lesson for all of us…beware of placing unfair and unrealistic expectation on others to fill the void in your life someone ELSE left. Rosie is desperately seeking a “perfect mother figure” to […]