Tiger makes the Right Moves

When you make mistakes (and we all do), it is what you do NEXT that matters most. As most of the world saw today, Tiger Woods came out with his official apology after months of absence and silence. He said everything you could have wanted him to say. He took full responsibility for his actions, […]

When you Blow it…What next?

Okay ladies, another one of my clients called in a panic because she had blown it with  her man by freaking out on him and throwing a scene. After I heard the whole story it was apparent that she indeed over-reacted and went a little “psycho” over nothing. But I also encouraged her in letting […]

Heather Locklear’s arrest and defamation of character

Heather Locklear was arrested near Santa Barbara this weekend for being under the influence of perscription medicine. Of course, USA TODAY gave a false headline of “Heather arrested under a count of DUI.” Be thankful you are NOT a celebrity. Life is hard enough without the scrutiny of your every move–especially in the midst of heartbreak and […]

Denise Richards, Is it REALLY that Complicated?

Wow. I watched the first episode of the new reality show on the E! Channel “Denise Richards, It’s Complicated.” She said she did the show to expose to the world that she is not as bad as all the press makes her out to be. She’s tired of the reputation of one who stole her […]