Did you get a wake up call?

Your Wake up Call

I woke at 4 this morning with a flash of light—a tell-tale sign that a migraine was on the way. The ONLY way to combat the onslaught is to immediately arise and take an aspirin to open my blood vessels. In my past I ignored that split-second sign, after all, whenever I experience it, I feel great with no pain symptoms. It’s just a split-second flash of light. I rationalize that maybe I just THOUGHT I saw a flash of light. Maybe there was real lightning outside. Maybe I was having a dream. But no. It is a warning–every time, that instant flash of light behind my eyes has been a spasm of blood vessels in my brain, getting ready to torment me for days…unless I inconvenience myself and take immediate action. At 4 am I got up and did just that—I took aspirin. And I awoke feeling great. A migraine was prevented.

Got peace?

So, what can we do to get through this? The book of directions that I live my life by tells me exactly what to do at such a time as this. It says when I am anxious and worried, call out to God! Yep. Humble myself, and ask God or help. Our Creator holds everything in His hands. He is all-knowing, so this is not a surprise to Him. Be anxious for nothing Philippians 4:6-7 tells us, but it is not just a frivolous statement for everyone. It is an encouragement for believers in Jesus Christ. (If you are not a believer yet, keep reading).

Facing a Challenge? You’ve Got This!

Went with my good friend, Trina Titus Lozano, and we were both guilty of comments, laughing and agreeing with so many scenes. Go see this movie. OVERCOMER will encourage Christians to keep the faith no matter what is happening. God delivers “divine appointments” all the time if we just open our eyes.

The God Test — A Test Worth Taking!


Discovered a fabulous app today– TheGodTest . It’s free and so worth downloading and checking out. Just 10 questions… Designed by Rice Broocks whom I heard speak today. He’s the author of GOD’s NOT DEAD which became a movie, then another, now a third is being release at the end of March. Today’s conference inspired […]

As Shocking as it may be, Not Everyone Likes You

surprised disbelief

There’s a new game show on TV right now called “Snap Decision”—people see a picture then listen to a brief video interview then are asked a series of questions about the individual. The premise? Can you accurate “judge” someone from a photo or brief interaction? It’s actually a fun show because no matter how much you […]

Never past your time

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I got up this morning and realized it was time to make my beloved banana bread from scratch. I got my recipe from an old cookbook from the church I grew up in. The cookbook is at least 30 years old, the recipe probably much older. Today was the time to bake because my organic […]

The Ladies of Leyton Grove

biblestudy at austin wedding

I can’t believe I got through that! Truth is I’ve said that a lot over the past 7 years. Life happens to all of us, so the challenges I’ve faced are not unique, or shall I say possibly not as tragic to you as they felt to me, but to me my life was just downright hard for an extended period of time. The amazing thing is, I made it through with my head held high and a smile on my face, day by day, piece by piece, by the wonderful grace of God… and the Ladies of Leyton Grove.