Did you get a wake up call?

Your Wake up Call

I woke at 4 this morning with a flash of light—a tell-tale sign that a migraine was on the way. The ONLY way to combat the onslaught is to immediately arise and take an aspirin to open my blood vessels. In my past I ignored that split-second sign, after all, whenever I experience it, I feel great with no pain symptoms. It’s just a split-second flash of light. I rationalize that maybe I just THOUGHT I saw a flash of light. Maybe there was real lightning outside. Maybe I was having a dream. But no. It is a warning–every time, that instant flash of light behind my eyes has been a spasm of blood vessels in my brain, getting ready to torment me for days…unless I inconvenience myself and take immediate action. At 4 am I got up and did just that—I took aspirin. And I awoke feeling great. A migraine was prevented.