Facing a Challenge? You’ve Got This!

I absolutely LOVED this movie. I so related to it. Went with my good friend, Trina Titus Lozano, and we were both guilty of comments, laughing and agreeing with so many scenes. Go see this movie. It will encourage Christians to keep the faith no matter what is happening. God delivers “divine appointments” all the time if we just open our eyes. Way to go again #PriscillaShirer and #KendrickBrothers. And I don’t want to hear about how “cheesy” some people think it is. It’s about the real life of believers and how God operates in our daily life–so much better than the very dark horror films constantly being released. https://youtu.be/BGyieGVn4P4 Do you question who you are? A great place to find out is found in a small book of the New Testament. Read Ephesians,chapters 1-2 in the New TestamentOvercomer.

Hey all, I’m an Author, Life Coach & Speaker. This is my personal blog aimed at encouraging and equipping women to make better choices so you can live the thrilling life God planned just for you! I write on relationships, dreams, daily life, and life transitions. I’ve written 4 books, including “Finding a Man worth Keeping.” I spent more than a decade as a Hollywood Talent Agent and met my Husband at the Golden Globe Awards then left Tinsel Town for love, marriage and happily ever after.

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