As Shocking as it may be, Not Everyone Likes You

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There’s a new game show on TV right now called “Snap Decision”—people see a picture then listen to a brief video interview then are asked a series of questions about the individual. The premise? Can you accurate “judge” someone from a photo or brief interaction? It’s actually a fun show because no matter how much you THINK you will get it right every time, you just don’t. First impressions are rarely accurate.

And yet… every day, all day long, people judge others based on first impressions–color of skin, expressions, posture, body shape, clothing style, accent, etc. etc. etc., every single day. It’s human nature and we are all guilty.

AND we are all on the receiving end of this judgement as well. Have you noticed that?
Not everyone is going to like you. Not everyone is going to care to give you the time of day. And I just want you to be okay with that—even when it hurts.

I once heard a pastor tell a story about a church member who did everything he could to make the pastor’s life miserable. The guy just didn’t like the pastor. So, this determined young pastor decided he was going to win him over with kindness—he even let him be on the church board thinking it would show him the pastor trusted him. No, it didn’t change a thing. The pastor was still disliked (to put it mildly) by this guy. Finally, the pastor figured it out — no matter what you do some people are just not going to like you. 

Think about your own life. There are people around you, be it classmates, colleagues, neighbors and “friends” that just don’t want to be in your life.

Be nice. “You do you” and let it go. Don’t let it eat you up. The Bible encourages us “If possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. (Romans 12:18). Guess what? It is not in your power to make every single person like you. So do your part to live at peace and let it go. 

Whenever I get my feelings hurt by someone blowing me off, my husband Will tells me “Victorya It’s not about you, it’s about them. Let it go.” Of course, I don’t always listen. I torment myself a bit, just for good measure. But Will keeps repeating that same phrase “It’s not about you, let it go.”

No matter how fabulous you are, there will be people who just don’t want to do life with you. It could be a personality thing, you could rub them the wrong way, they could be jealous or envious, or they could be judging you based on pre-conceived prejudices. You don’t have to let it tear you up inside. 

The next time someone does not like you, blows you off or disses you, sure it is wise to evaluate if you have done something you need to apologize for. But if you look back and know you haven’t, let it go and move on. “It’s not about you.”

Be kind and let it go. Then spend your time on those who appreciate the fabulous person you.

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