Never past your time

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I got up this morning and realized it was time to make my beloved banana bread from scratch. I got my recipe from an old cookbook from the church I grew up in. The cookbook is at least 30 years old, the recipe probably much older. Today was the time to bake because my organic bananas are now too ripe to peel and eat without a grimace. But that is just fine because my family LOVES banana bread–especially my homemade banana bread that is ONLY good when extremely ripe bananas are used.

We are never past our due date. Well let me clarify–yes we miss deadlines and thus miss out on things. BUT if we still have breath on this earth than we still have a purpose. The season of some things you do or want to do may be over, but life is about seasons (Ecclesiastes 3:1). It might just be time to start doing the NEXT thing God has for you to do. You see so many people think they just have one purpose on this earth and “Wow, if ONLY I can figure that out and achieve that then I’m a success”. Reality? You actually have many purposes–some big, some little.

I’m a parent, wife, sister, friend, mentor, life coach, author, speaker, realtor, witness…so many things, but most of all I’m a child of God. And God’s overall purpose for me is to love Him and make Him known to others throughout each phase of my life.

If you are still alive, you still are useful to God. He knows you, sees you and has many useful purposes for you, but most of all He just wants you to talk to Him and love Him.

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