Not Again! Seriously???

Ever had a season–a very long season, perhaps years long–when your dreams get crushed over and over and over again? You start over and get back on your feet and when you feel things are finally coming together, BAM!#&$#%@! things fall apart again with another dream crushed??

I’ve been there and how fun, I’m there again. UGH. Seriously, God?!?

Each time I don’t know the ultimate outcome of my situation, but God always does. So I’m gonna get back on my feet and keep on going and things are gonna be great. Just not exactly FUN to say the least. I have known since childhood, from personal experience as well, that when God closes a door he always opens a window. As Stephanie Boosahda sang in the 80s “I know that I know that I know he is faithful.”

At moments like this I’m always brought back to Joseph’s life story. This biography has always been my go to when it comes to shattered dreams.

Joseph was not perfect. He started out an immature, arrogant favorite son who had no problem letting his brothers know how preferred he was. Then tragedy happened. After being sold as a slave at 17 as an innocent teen, over and over he seemed to rebuild his life only to be betrayed, falsely accused and having to pay the price as though he was guilty. It wasn’t until he was in his 30s (we are talking 15 years of hardship here!!) that it all came together and his destiny fulfilled. And it became clear that God had been there through every crisis, imprisonment, betrayal and false accusation.

God was there, setting the course for Joseph’s life purpose–to save his entire nation. Joseph HAD to be placed in the position he was in when his time to shine came and every hardship he experienced brought him to his place of leadership, purpose and destiny.

I don’t know what you are going through, or what childhood dreams were shattered. But I know that I know that God is still God and God always has a plan.

It you are facing disappointment or despondency right now, be encouraged by sitting down and reading through Joseph’s full life story found in Genesis 37-Genesis 50. God sees you. You do have a purpose and a destiny.

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