The Home was Fully Engulfed

In the middle of the night the beautiful home of my friend and client burned yesterday…while they were all home and sleeping. Miraculously they all made it out alive along with their two dogs. Tragically they lost their two precious cats and everything inside of their home. They got out only with the clothes on […]

The Trees and the Stranger with a Chainsaw

Two hours later I came home to find a stranger with a chainsaw working on a huge tree in my front yard and stumps and saw dust everywhere on the side of the house! This absolutely drenched Good Samaritan I have never met drove by right as the two largest trees at my house toppled over just 15 minutes after we drove off! Apparently one of the trees blocked the main road and this man and some city workers chopped up the one that blocked the road and he chose to stay to finish the work.