But it Felt So Right…

 I so often hear clients tell me they just KNEW he was the right one. It was love at first sight. But ladies, it takes time and paying attention to what you see and what you hear from his lips to know what his true character is. The heart is deceitful. (That’s in the Good Book!)  You can not trust feelings alone. As the wisest man who ever lived once said “There is a way that appears to be right , but in the end it leads to death.”  A bad choice of relationship may not end up in your immediate physical death but it will lead to death of your dream, identity, self esteem, self worth and so much more.  

Hey all, I’m an Author, Life Coach & Speaker. This is my personal blog aimed at encouraging and equipping women to make better choices so you can live the thrilling life God planned just for you! I write on relationships, dreams, daily life, and life transitions. I’ve written 4 books, including “Finding a Man worth Keeping.” I spent more than a decade as a Hollywood Talent Agent and met my Husband at the Golden Globe Awards then left Tinsel Town for love, marriage and happily ever after.

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