The Gift of the “Almost”

What is it about “almost” that we get over it too fast? The ALMOST killed, the near miss, the startle that passes. Are we skimming over those moments too quickly and not using them as wakeup calls to stop and appreciate all that God is doing for us in the details of our lives?

Life could have turned out so differently if the “almost” was instead a tragedy. Life can turn in an instant, literally. We are going about our normal life and normal day then BAM life changes, never to be the same—house fire, car accident, heart attack, terrorist attack, doctor’s call, really anything that rocks our world. And in those tragic moments we moan “If only” I would have done this or that or prepared for this or that.

And then there are the “almosts”—the near misses—the moments of grace when God shows us his mercy and it’s merely an ALMOST killed and we are oh so thankful a moment, then our day goes on and we forget about it. I remember an Amy Grant song….ok this seems to be a theme since I mentioned her in my Thanksgiving blog….but Amy also had the 80s hit “Angels watching over us”. My precious Savior certainly had His angels watching over me this morning!

Here I was in heavy fog returning from my 2nd trip to deliver kids to school. I was in my designated exit lane—the only one moving—and the other 4 lanes were at a dead stop. I was going perhaps 25, maybe 35 miles per hour, when suddenly a car cuts out of the stopped lane into mine. It seemed like 5 feet in front of me—maybe more—no time to break, no time to honk, no time to decide. Only time to react. I instantly swerved right then, left thinking “I’m in an accident, I’m about to flip my car”.

Then… nothing. I didn’t hit him. I didn’t hear anything. The incident was over as fast as it happened with no flipping and no impact, no breaking and no honking. I just kept going. No need to slow down in anger and honk at the drive who almost killed me. It was over and I lived. I was literally shaking the rest of the way home as I kept thanking Jesus for taking care of me in that moment. I had survived without incident in an instant when my life could have been over or in the least extremely inconvenienced. I have to add that more than ever I LOVE my car and my tires—the most amazing road performance ever. Who knew my car had it in her? Not that I ever wanted to test her on it.

Next time you experience an “Almost” stop and thank God for the precious gift. Let that be your wake up call to refocus on all the blessings in your life at this very moment–no matter what stresses or challenges are present as well. Every day and every moment is a gift. Thank you Jesus for caring about the details of my life and sparing me from an accident, injury or worse. May I do for you this day what you had planned for me! John 10:10.

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One thought on “The Gift of the “Almost”

  1. Great blog and glad you are O.K.!!! God is so good!! I think there ought to be a law that if there is fog, EVERYONE gets to stay home!!! Scary stuff!!