Is sex on a first date ever a good idea?”

Is sex on a first date ever a good idea? To be quite frank, no! If you want to get to know someone and have a chance of a lasting relationship then just say “No!” Better yet, don’t allow yourself to get into a situation where you get carried away and tempted on your date.

“Putting out” takes all the mystery and intrigue you have to offer. There’s no interest in getting to know one another. Instead you have just connected sexually, not intimately, and only for a moment. Whatever you do on a first date, your man will be certain you’ve done on every other first date. Keep that in mind if you want to be respected and pursued. Sexual intimacy in a dating relationship is an illusion of closeness. If you continue to see each other after “going all the way” you will become addicted to one another chemically, but you do not know if you have the compatibility to last for the long run. Addiction offers the illusion of love and the withdrawals of giving him up are heart-wrenching. Ever been in a relationship when you just KNEW you weren’t right for each other and yet you couldn’t walk away because you just felt you loved him with no logical reason for it? Chances are you are just addicted to him physically.

I’m not into sugar coating it, and I’m asked this question often enough, so my advice for the ideal time to make love to your man for the first time is … your wedding night. That’s right, I did just “go there” and say wait until marriage. I may sound old fashioned to some of you, but I’m trying to stop your heartbreak and help you find a man worth keeping, not one worth losing. I promise you, God is not the destroyer of all the fun by saying wait. His relationship “rules” in the Bible were not written to make dating a drag. They were written to protect your heart and keep you from being used and hurt. Even though everyone else seems to be doing it, love yourself enough to say no and hold out for one worth keeping not one for the evening.

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