How do you Keep Him from Running Away

I get this question often. You are in love then he suddenly panics and wants a “break” to “think”, or he is pulling away. The truth is, the only way to “keep him” is to let him go. A man will only give his heart to you forever if he is free to either give it to you or walk away. He wants to know he is free to make that choice. I have countless examples of women who married fabulous men who they only ended up marrying because the ladies didn’t panic when their man broke up with them or pulled away. Yes the gals were DEVASTATED when they were dumped but they remained cool in front of the man. Sure they cried with their friends but they also TRIED to move on with their lives–just in case he never came back. In time–maybe one week or six weeks, the one who left is amazed you can live without him and he wants you back. NOW… what do you do if he doesn’t come back??? If that is the case he was never going to stay and you are cutting your losses before you waste any more precious years of your life.

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