#1 Secret to Fixing Our Mistakes!

My 7 year old just got in her first pinching, slapping fight with her best friend…and she did the first pinch, so it was her fault, no matter what prompted it. Now the mother won’t let them play together for a week nor sit together on the bus. Katie is devastated. Oh the price of losing control.

David Letterman got caught sleeping around when a reporter tried extort millions to keep it secret. Former President Clinton was caught up in the Monica Lewinski scandalKanye West humiliated beloved country singer Taylor Swift. Celebrity and politician mistakes are endless. But we can learn much by what they do next!
IS there a right response when we make wrong choices? What should we do when make mistakes, big mistakes, and just want to put it all behind us and go on?
As I told my daughter this morning, the secret to fixing your mistakes is simply to take responsibility and genuinely apologize for your actions. When you apologize you defuse the negative consequences to your mistake. They don’t all go away, but you win friends and influence people with honesty must faster than denying fault.
When public leaders and celebrities make mistakes, it’s always interesting to see what they do next. Publicists know the best road to damage control is a quick confession and apology to defuse the incident. Remember Hugh Grant’s 1995 incident with the prostitute? He went on Jay Leno and admitted it was just dumb. And he won his public back. Now he’s back in the movies. As far as the recent mistakes of David Letterman and Kanye West I predict their mistakes will have a short attention span in the media because both men were repentant quickly, as opposed to President Clinton when he was caught in his nightmare of the Monica Lewinski scandal. President Clinton feared what was to be lost and held off his confession which caused him much longer angst in the media.
Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t use these examples with my 7 year old. I am sharing them with you because I want you to learn the simple lesson that no matter how awful or dirty your mistake is, if you accept responsibility for your actions and genuinely apologize, you can start over.
After all, we will all make mistakes, even Christians. Hopefully you will gain enough self control as to not pinch your friends or do what some of these celebrities are doing. But when you do make mistakes, reconcile quickly by acknowledging your part and coming clean. You will win friends and influence those who are watching you from the sidelines! And for those of you who have been deeply hurt by Christians, Beth Moore wrote a great book called When Godly People do Ungodly Things. May that book encourage you.

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