Does Shacking Up FIRST help you choose better?

According to a new national study, 70% of young couples are shacking up before they get married, to “try out” the relationship to see if they have what it takes for the long haul. Sounds logical right? I mean, if you want to make the RIGHT choice, should you really think it through and try it out before you commit to forever?
No, no no!
I wish I could grab you all and say, “wake up, honey!” I am actually thrilled this scientific study was just completed. 1000 young men and women were surveyed (between the ages of 18-34) and the results are in.
If you shack up first, you are more likely to divorce! Not surprising (to me at least) the main reason couples move in together first is NOT because they are “in love”. They move in together because it is convenient and they are not sure if this is the one….or shall we be more direct here…one of the two is not ready to commit! Later they end up getting married because they are addicted to each other, time has passed and “it’s the thing to do,” they’ve bought property together and it’s too complicated NOT to wed, they don’t want to part with their dog they share, or one of the two nudges the other to finally commit. They final wed, then usually within 10 years or less, divorce.
My advice? If you are in love, fabulous, get married, but don’t shack up first. You owe it to yourself and your future mate. 


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