Will Jillian & Ed last?

Jillilan HarrisWell, Jillian pick Ed last night over Reid and Kiptyn. They appear head over heals in love on both the finale and the “After the Rose” episode of the Bachelorette. In fact they already have plans to marry within 12 months and she is moving to Chicago to move in with Ed to begin their life together immediately. But will they last? Though we all probably cheer this adorable couple on, odds AGAINST them, aside from the history that only 1 of the couples from the history of the Bachelor and Bachelorette series have made it down the aisle (worse than the national average of love and marraige.  Right now love is definitely in the air for them as they are giddie and on cloud 9, but they have not stood the test of time. PLUS rushed into sex and a lot of it according to their announcement on air last night (“and we can’t get enough”) and after just 2 months of spending a total of perhaps 50 hours together and then a few months of secrets get togethers to keep the public from finding out, they are moving in together. The problem with jumping into sex is that the relationship becomes about addiction to each other and chemistry and not about your mutual qualities and respect for one another. So of course they feel in love right now when it’s exciting and national news and secretive (now public) and of course the chemistry of sex. But the euphoria goes away. Will there be enough between them to last? Perhaps what I’m most disappointed about is that they are rushing to move in together. Statistically couples who live together first has a smaller chance of getting married PLUS those who do get married show a higher divorce rate than those who didn’t live together first. Here’s to hoping Jillian and Ed go the distance, but cautioning my readers who are looking for love that last to not follow their example.  

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