Just ONE Fatal Mistake

So true to life is the blog I read today by Michael Hyatt CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. “On Stupid Decision Away.” Read his blog, it is very wise. This particular blog was about the tragic murder of football quarterback star Steve McNair of the Titans who was guns down in his sleep by his 20 year old mistress who then shot herself. A lifetime of legacy was wiped away in an instant because he made a stupid decision to flirt with a young waitress, then another stupid decision to begin an affair and cheat on his wife, then a few months later he was dead.

I coach women on relationships. My passion is to help them make better choices in relationships. What would my advice have been to that 20 year old mistress? I would have told her “What are you THINKING? He married. He’s NOT going to leave his wife for you.” Her friends reported that she feared he was going to leave her for another women (forgetting that he also had a wife) and she was extremely depressed.

Again, what was she doing with a married man? Ladies it is NEVER okay to have an affair with a married man. In her case it was one FATAL mistake. And I don’t care how much the man says “I’m going to leave her, I’m just trying to work out the details.” He’s NOT going to leave and besides, if he cheats on HER, he’ll eventually cheat on you, period!

We don’t know enough about the history of the young lady who killed McNair,  such as if she had a history of depression or mental illness or drug use. What we do know is that both she and McNair both began their tragedy with ONE FATAL MISTAKE. We can all sober up and learn a lesson here. THINK before you act. Oh if only everyone would remember Newton’s Third Law “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

No on lives to themselves and no one dies to themselves. There is another huge side to this tragedy of McNair’s death–he leaves behind a wife and 4 sons who were unaware of his affair. They will spend a lifetime remembering that fatal mistake their father made that took him away from them. All his “hero” legacy as a football star and good father was wipe away in an instant from ONE fatal mistake. Don’t let that happen to your legacy!

 If you want to make wiser choices, read Proverbs everyday (there’s 31 chapters in this Old Testament book, so just read the “date” each day) and begin making wiser, more informed and better choices.

And ladies, if you learn to make better choices in love and life, you CAN life the life of your dreams!

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