To All the Moms

Happy Mothers Day! :You are so appreciated (even if your kids don’t tell you.) And single moms with young kids who don’t have daddy around to remind them to honor you today, on behalf of all your kids let me say THANK YOU.

Dr. Laura has a new book I saw at the bookstore yesterday called “In Praise of Stay At Home Moms“. Sounds like a great and much needed book. If you have the privilege of staying at home and raising your kids, rush out and get this book today!

And Moms, lastly, I went to church  on Saturday instead of Sunday this week and heard an incredible Mom’s Day sermon! You can see & hear it LIVE today online at www.Gatewaypeople.TV (at 9, 10:45 and 12 CT) or you can listen to it this week at 

Have a great day and once again THANK YOU all moms.


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