One Choice Can Make the Difference

So I did a short talk today on EVE. Remember her?…the one who caused us to have pain in childbirth, oy vey. As I prepared for my talk and reread and reread the few verses she mentioned in, I realized 3 fatal mistakes that led to her downfall. Those 3 choices so often are our mistakes that keep up making wrong choices.

1) EVE was naive. She had not faced a bad guy before that cunning serpent came her way. Do you remember the first con artist you came across? Did you notice that all con-artists are suave, subtle and smoothe? If we stay naive, we will continue to be an open target. Here’s the sad reality: Whether you are an innocent victim or a willful participant, you STILL have to pay the consequence for your actions. That’s unfair, but part of life. Save yourself heartache by wising up. Yes, wise up, open your eyes and pay attention to who is out there,

2) EVE had it all and didn’t know it. That’s the thing, we get caught up in our melodramas and problems that we forget to count our blessings. As Proverbs tells us, we are what we think about most of the time. If you dwell on your problems, you’ll be susceptible to temptation and wrong choices. If you count your blessings you’ll know what you have and not be tempted, even when you face more than you can bear. And you know what? One of life’s saddest stories is finding people who choose a life of misery all because they don’t appreciate what they have. Haven’t you been there after the fact and wished you could go back? “If only I had realized…” is a tale I hear over and over.

3) EVE was alone and stayed there. I’m all for ocassional solitude. That’s healthy. The problem with being alone when temptation and problems occur is STAYING alone and making decisions alone. Eve knew she was loved by her husband and by God and yet when the enemy caught her all alone and proceeded to trick it, she DID NOT call her husband over or call out to God. She stay alone, pondered what the smoothe lies the stranger offered her and acted out, alone. If only we’d call on trusted friends and God when we are faced with “too good to be true” encounters. I promise you, if it sounds too good to be true, most of the time, indeed it is a lie. Surround yourself with girlfriends who genuinely care about you and have your best interest at heart and go to them when you are caught alone and tempted.

Eager to finally get to the place where you make better choices in life and in love? Then stop being naive; Count your blessings even in the midst of the storm; and don’t walk through life alone!

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