My favorite single life Memoir of the year!

Susan Isaac’s memoir ANGRY CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD, which comes out today, is my favorite Memoir of the year–I just LOVED IT! Okay, so taking God to marriage counseling? Are you serious? But hey, for years Christians have claimed they felt married to God, so if you are mad at God, doesn’t it sound reasonable to take him to counseling with you? Comedy writer and accomplished actress Susan Isaacs answers that question and proves that no true comic can ever be considered shallow! This memoir is anything but a joke! Indeed, she really took God to marriage counseling, and we get to have a seat next to her during the therapy. And frankly, on many occasions you may find yourself right there agreeing with her and shouting, “Hey, God, what’s up with that? Shape up and apologize!” Is it irreverent? No. It is honest. Can you be a Christian and still be angry at God? Absolutely! Don’t skip the introduction, or you’ll miss a lot of vital background for her story.  Angry Conversations with God is a must read for every women who has ever been or currently is single! I was absolutely absorbed in every page of this book. How can I accurately describe this deep and hilarious memoir? Let’s see… it’s “Girl Meets God” meets the “Shack”. Yes, that’s it. Basically, this is the true story of the once single, but-didn’t-want-to-be, Susan Isaacs who gets fed up with God and her life, after decades of constantly trying to PLEASE God in the midst her husband search which occurs in the midst of her fledgling career as an comedian/actress/television writer. At the end of her rope, Susan sincerely decides she needs counseling and drags God along with her because frankly, she’s angry. Did all her devotion bring her the husband and fame she craved? NO. It was her friends and exes who got the spouses and starring roles in hit sitcoms and SNL, not her. What’s up with that? So she took God to marriage counseling! And what this comedy writer reveals to us from those real life counseling sessions is worth every moment you spend in her book. Susan impersonated both Jesus and God in her real life sessions with real life counselors (who didn’t have her committed by the way). What she discovered were the answers to such questions as “Does God even care about the details or our life?” Or “Is He up there just to tease us and pull the rug out from under us?”  Curl up on your couch and devour every page!

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