Great Ways Take Care of YOU This Valentine’s Day

You can have a fabulous AND dateless Valentine’s day…here’s how!


1. Okay, you have permission to do something to spoil yourself today. Don’t go crazy. Just give yourself one treat. Carve out time during your day, even if it has to be on your lunch hour, to pamper yourself. Here are some options:

a. French manicure

b. new hairstyle, color or cut

c. indulge in a massage or facial

d. buy yourself an clothes, shoes, purse….something at the mall that you have been dying to buy but holding back. Just don’t mess up your entire budget. You want to pamper yourself, not punish yourself.


2. This is NOT the night to go out to eat—too many couples gazing dreamily across the table at each other. Instead, order your favorite take out or skip dinner and have a huge portion of your favorite dessert. While you’re enjoying your meal, pull out your journal a design your ideal man. Dream big. Write every character trait and every quality you hope he will possess. Where will you live? How tall will he be? What will his career be? How will he propose? What will the two of you do in your free time? How many children will you have? Just go for it and dream your entire future with this man you are creating.

What better evening to do so than when Cupid is flying around? My personal list included that my man would believe I was the best thing to ever coming into his life! I had an entire list including his height and weight. Certainly there will be things on your list you can live without, just put the most important qualities at the top of your list and the negotiables toward the bottom. Finish off you evening with your dessert and a polished version of your Man Worth Keeping. Now keep this list with you at all time, be it in your wallet or daytimer, so you’ll recognize him when he appears.

3. Another idea for the evening is to plan a girls night. Invite over your single gals for dinner and your favorite chick flicks or better yet, reminisce with a purpose. Have each of your girlfriends write out one page on all their previous relationships including the good and bad qualities of each man. Cross out any character trait that is not repeated and circle the ones that are. THEN each girlfriend writes out a personal WANT AD based solely on the circled character traits. Be creative in your writing and have fun with this process. Have each girl read aloud the Want Ad they’ve subconsciously been putting out there to attract the men they’ve had thus far in their lives, you’ll laugh and cry at the same time.


4. GO TO THE MOVIES! Grab a friend or boldly go solo to the movie theatre

He’s Just Not That Into You

Bride Wars

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons


…or skip the romantic films all together and go for adventure with


Paul Blart, Mall Cop

Pink Panther 2  

Hotel for Dogs

Certainly one of these will entertain your mood. Valentine’s is the perfect night for escapism.


Here’s to pampering yourself this Valentine’s Day!

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