Are you like Paris Hilton, Unable to Keep Your Man?

If you have flipped on the television in the past week or so, you’ve found out that Paris Hilton is single again. According to People Magazine, Paris and Benji Madden, her latest boyfriend of 9 months, broke up last week because they are “just too different”, even tho’ she was recently quoted as saying that she finally found someone who loves her for her, not her fame.

Yes, even the popular pretty girls have problems keeping relationships for the long haul. Could there be some basic problem that is causing the same result in relationships for these ladies over and over? Could this same pattern be haunting your relationships? Partying may be fun for the short term, but it is not condusive to long term love. If you keep going for the life of the party scene–you know the guy who everyone knows and loves and wants to be known by–chances are you are going to keep getting your heart broke. There comes a time to grow up. If you’re ready for love, not just a short term hook up, then maybe you owe it to yourself to start looking for love outside the club scene. And here’s a hint, even tho’ a keeper of a man who’s hot and quality and full of character just might happen to be at a hip club on a rare ocassion, he spends most of his time doing other things, so look for him elsewhere. And besides, if he happens in on that hip night spot, he is there to have a good time and enjoy music and friends; he’s not looking for long time love. So if you meet the same guy outside the club scene you have a better chance at keeping him in the long run. Am I saying you’re heading for hell in a handbasket if you show up at a night club? No, I’m just saying if you’re wanting to get better results in your love life, realize that if you keep doing the same thing over and over, you’re going to keep getting the same results over and over. If you want a change, you’ll have to change. Simple as that! And besides the club scene is one place for surface relationships, not indepth connection. So if you’re looking to face reality and life and build real connections with others, find other things to do in your social hours.

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