Martha Stewart’s Daughter and Why We Do What We Do

Martha Stewart’s Daughter and Why We Do What We Do
I just happened to be channel surfing last night and caught 1/2 of an episode of WHATEVER, MARTHA!,a show hosted by two gals, one being Martha Stewart’s daughter Alexa. This particular episode was on dating so of course I paused to watch a bit. Wow, and she wonders why she doesn’t have a quality love life?? Alexa states that her favorite portion of any date is the one hour BEFORE her date arrives when she pampers herself and drinks a bottle of her favorite wine, again BEFORE he arrives. Clearly she doesn’t feel comfortable in her own skin to be sober when she meets her man. Alexa went on to say that she ALWAYS has sex on her first dates. Her co-host sJennifer replied “Well, it’s nice to be attracted and WANT to have sex with them, but I don’t think you should have sex on the first date.”Ladies, if you’re having to get drunk before your date even arrives and you have to have sex with the man due to some inner compulsion, the bottom line is there is much more you need to look at inside yourself that needs to stop being numbed by alcohol and given some love and attention by you. Alexa puts up a tough girl front, but  inside is a hurting woman will a brick wall of defense keeping love out. And believe me, her actions are definitely keeping true love out of her life.

Let Alexa be an example for you. If you can relate to Alexa’s attitude, do YOURSELF a favor and really look at why you would need to numb your mind before a date appears and why you would have to have sex just to feel connected for a one night stand–because that is indeed what it will turn into. Journaling is a great way to begin to discover why we do the things we do. Sometimes it hurts to look back, but it is worth it to stop patterns that are destroying our dreams for the life we truly want to live but are afraid to pursue.

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