Heather Locklear’s arrest and defamation of character

Heather Locklear was arrested near Santa Barbara this weekend for being under the influence of perscription medicine. Of course, USA TODAY gave a false headline of “Heather arrested under a count of DUI.” Be thankful you are NOT a celebrity. Life is hard enough without the scrutiny of your every move–especially in the midst of heartbreak and tough times. Woe to you who judge so harshly as we don’t know the whole story! No celebrity signs on for total loss of privacy. The craziness of the paparazzi has only been in the last 10 years (Locklear has been a star for 20 years). No one desires to be harassed and publicly defamed! Was it illegal for her to drive under the influence of perscriptions. Yes. Like every citizen, she is having to pay the price (the wonderful news is that no one was physically hurt). 


All that being said, wow, have you ever been in a messy breakup? You know, the kind when everyone in your circle of friends and HIS family and friends is bombarded with false accusations about you, making you out to be the problem, the crazy one, the “bad guy”, when in fact the truth is the reverse? Very painful and “crazy making”. What can you do when you suffer defamation of character (a legal term for having your reputation publicly shredded)? What can Heather do?

My best advice I can give is actually the hardest thing to do, but in the long run it will pay off. My advice? Take a step back. Breathe. And do NOT defend yourself. If you resort to fighting back and jumping into a “he-said-she-said” game or worse, you will look even more guilty. Step out of the fight for your reputation and heal by mourning the loss, getting help where you need it and surrounding yourself with people who truly care about you. It is in the time of crisis you find out who your friends really are. Perhaps that is what Heather is about to learn.  Here’s to Heather and hoping she has close SAFE friends to help her through this difficult time and if she does have a “perscription problem” that she gets the help she needs in privacy. And here’s to you my readers, may your accusers be exposed for who/what they are in due season. More importantly, may you let go of the fight and move on to take care of you and pursuing the life you were meant to live.

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