Like Rosie, Are You Expecting Too Much?

I just finished reading Celebrity Detox by Rosie O’Donell. My complete review is below. What I took most from her book is a lesson for all of us…beware of placing unfair and unrealistic expectation on others to fill the void in your life someone ELSE left. Rosie is desperately seeking a “perfect mother figure” to be what her deceased mother never was. What Rosie really seeks is God and she keeps being devastated everytime her godlike idols/heros let her down by revealing their human imperfection. Look into your recent disappointment in relationships. Were you expecting too much from him/her? Did you put that person on a pedestal they were destined to fall off? No human can make you happy. Happiness can only be found within and with a relationship with your creator. Victorya Rogers CELEBRITY DETOX, the review I have been a longtime fan of the talk show personality of Rosie O’Donnell, even tho’ I do not agree with her personal views (let’s just say I am more Elisabeth Hasselbeck than Rosie O’Donnell). As a talk show host Rosie was the perfect host because she made it okay for every day people to be intrigued with the celebrities she interviewed. After all, Rosie was into her guests as much as the audience. She was and is authentic and real, even with her extremely rough edges and all. Thus I enjoyed her autobiography CELEBRITY DETOX. It is all over the board and abruptly goes from one thing to the other but not in an irritating way, more so in the way I bet she lives her life. The book makes it clear she is a victim of abuse desperately seeking salvation from her wounds but searching in places salvation can not be found–in the arms of her two celebrity heros/icons Barbra Streisand and Barbara Walters both of whome were also heros of her mothers. Tho’ only alluded to, it is apparent that Rosie was not only abandoned by her mother when she died when Rosie was 10, but she was also betrayed and unprotected by her mother–3 issues that have haunted her and continue to haunt her–abandonement, betrayal and unprotection. Rosie told her mom of the abuse in the only way she could…her mom humored her to the extent of literally cutting down the tree “bad man” climbed up, but when Rosie told her it didn’t work, the bad man still comes in her room at night, her mom betrayed her by calling her a liar and implying Rosie would lose her love if she didn’t drop this lie. So Rosie lived on with the abuse, defending herself by breaking her own bones to obtain not only attention but “nightime weapons” with the casts. Heartbreaking for any little girl to live through. I am not surprised that she was more devastated by Barbara Walters’ betrayal than she was of Donald Trump’s public annialation of her. She already thought of Donald Trump as a pathetic human being. He can only hurt her in the pocket book. She was devasted by Barbara Walters because she made Barbara her surrogate mother so much so she hoped Barbara would do everything RIGHT her mother did WRONG–i.e. protect her and definitely NOT abandon her nor betray her. By not defending her to Donald Trump and the public Ms. Walters did everything Rosie’s mother did to her–left her once more alone, unprotected and open to abuse.

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