Barbara Walters, Jessica Simpson and Impulsive Decisions

I am in the middle of reading Barbara Walters autobiography AUDITION which I must say I am thoroughly enjoying. After reading her 600 page memoir it will be a shocking day for anyone to accuse her of being one of high moral standards (her multiple affairs are just one example), yet she seems completely unaware that she is lacking in that arena.

The reason for this post however is to bring up the reality that we, as humans, are prown to make impulsive decisions in the midst of tragedy or national crisis which is why doctors and hospital administrators always have you read and sign a document that basically says you will make no legally binding decisions during the next period of time while you recouperate. Barbara Walters had broken up with her longtime boyfriend just 3 months before President Kennedy was shot. Two weeks after that tragic day her exboyfriend showed up saying life is too short, let’s get married and in the midst of emotional and national insecurity they wed. We all remember the reality TV show about the then newlyweds Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey on MTV. But what probably missed much of the public’s attention but certainly not Jessica’s was that she didn’t really love Nick. In fact she had broken it off with him and was in the “getting over him stage” when the planes hit the Twin Towers on 9/11.  In an emotional panicked state she pulled out her phone, called Nick and said “I love you let’s get married.” and they did. Neither marriage worked. (I’m confident, at least at this moment, that Tony Romo is happy it didn’t work out).

How do we prevent making life altering impulsive decisions in the midst of an insecure world? Stay focused on what you want for your life. Stay close to God. And please, don’t run down the aisle and wed on impulse after any national disaster or personal crisis for that matter. Any marraige can wait six months after the engagement, when emotions have settled down and hopefully rational thinking has returned.

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