Can you BELIEVE she set you up with HIM?

I am a huge promoter of blind dates and set-ups by friends, relatives and co-workers. Afterall, in one year and a half I went on over 100 of these dates (which is why I wrote the book on how to get the automatic 2nd date). However I have to warn you that you will indeed be disappointed more often than thrilled with your friends and family’s choices for you. In fact, you may get downright insulted, as I did on ocassion. This typical scenario was the case in Monday’s episode of “Denise Richard’s: It’s Complicated” when Richard’s best friend set her up with a non-celebrity. I must say, the guy was a dud. Come on now, what was her friend thinking? I hope Richards’ doesn’t categorize all non-celebrities, or blind dates in general, as duds from this one date.  

 Even when there’s a 50/50 chance he’ll be complete let-down, STILL allow your friends ti set you up. Why? because tho’ you’ll have disappointments, you can absolutely meet your perfect match that way. After all, there are people in your life who have access to awesome men that are otherwise untouchables to you. You need the introduction. And with a set up, it’s not l ike you’re doing the pursuing. You’re just letting him know you’d say YES if he asked. 

How do you increase your chances for a hot date rather than a dud? Come up with a list of exactly what you’re looking for in a man. If looks are important to you, say so and describe your “type”. Tell your friends the must-have qualities (faith and no outstanding warrants were two biggies for me). I came up with a catch-phrase to share when I let people know I was open to being set up. Casually I’d say “Hey, do you know any guys with the 4-S’s?” They would replay, “What does that mean?”

“You know, Single, Sexy, Successful and Saved?” If they took the bite I’d expand on what I meant. Ironically those who knew me the best set me up on some of the biggest duds which left me thinking “I can’t BELIEVE you set me up with him!.” Then there was my friend Cathy who introduced me to at least 3 blind dates and 2 set ups. I married the last one! 12 years later I’m still saying “Thank you Cathy!”

So even when your friends, like Denise Richards’ best friend, strike out big time with your set up, don’t give up. Your next blind date might just be your husband!

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