Denise Richards, Is it REALLY that Complicated?

Wow. I watched the first episode of the new reality show on the E! Channel “Denise Richards, It’s Complicated.” She said she did the show to expose to the world that she is not as bad as all the press makes her out to be. She’s tired of the reputation of one who stole her best friend’s (Heather Locklear’s) husband (Richie Sambora) and the disgruntled wife trying to destroy her husband’s (Charlie Sheen’s) reputation as she takes $40 from his fame.

Sadly, what you see on the show thus far does little to counter her bad press. For example, in Richards media appearances leading up to the show, she makes a big deal that she agreed to do this show because she has to feed her children just like all of us and she didn’t want a nanny raising her kids. That sounded great, but then you see on the show she has her dad, two nannies, and two assistants at her home to help her “raise her kids on her own.” 

I know, it’s complicated for her, and she’s living the mess in her mind so she doesn’t see how ludicrous this appears. To her, with her complicated and unfulfilled life, she NEEDS that much help for two kids, even though she brings about all the complications herself. But then again, she says on camera that she wouldn’t need two assistants if the first one did his f  &”#@%  job. You see it’s not her fault (maybe she doesn’t know that you can fire someone). Then there is her problem with dating and always going for the same type of man who happens to be famous bad boy rockers and movie stars. She shares her male preferences in colorful and descriptive language your child need not be present to hear. Basically she likes the bad boys and can’t help herself, even though by now she admits that all bad boys are serious trouble for her.

It’s really not as complicated as Denise feels. She is just a beautiful girl who is sadly very, very lost. She has so much on the outside and so little on the inside and yet she’s doing every thing she can to try and make it all work and fill that void. She even has 10 dogs, 3 pigs and 3 cats to try and fill her void and even that is not enough. Things, people, bad boys and animals don’t fill empitness inside.

So what is the answer for Denise and every other single woman who is chronically going for the bad boys yet wants to stop the madness? Only YOU can stop the madness for yourself by taking the time to find out what you want and how you got so far away from that. Here’s how: Take your computer or a blank journal off by yourself and ask God to reveal what is truly behind it all, including why you keep going for men you know upfront are really bad for you. There is a reason Denise Richards says she craves a marriage of 37 loving commited years likes her parents had, yet she does everything to avoid the possibility of that happening. Like Denise, for you to find the reason your life is so complicated, you have the willingness to stop and look at your past, your pain, your patterns, and your own choice to participate in what brought you where you are. You play a role in the mess you’re in. We all do.

 No matter how complicated your life, love yourself enough to stop, in a quiet place, and ask God to show you what is going on and to reveal to you steps to get you on track to the life you always wanted. (I promise, God’s plans for you are not boring. You can have an exciting relationship with men who are not bad guys who leave you!)

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