Yes, There are Dating Games People Play

 Yes, people play games while dating and first dates are often feared as the most dreaded upcoming event, but it is also filled with anticipation of potentially the answer to your dreams. The emotions are all over the board. But there are concrete ways to dramatically improve the results of the quality and quantity of first dates as well as specific skills on turning every first date into an automatic 2nd date—that is if you want to accept that second date with that individual! Anne Valdespino wrote a expose of what many singles in Southern California go through seeking and surviving first dates. Check out her article Dating games people play. On the set up front she states statistics that merely 12% of the time you’ll be happy with a set-up from a relative and 17% of the time you’ll smile at the set-up by a friend. Here’s the deal, sure there is no guarantee you’ll like who you’re set up with, but you can improve your chances by letting your family and friends know exactly WHAT you’re looking for before they match you up. You will dramatically improve those stats if you do that all the way up to a 50/50 chance of a huge smile when that date appears—and that’s quite an improvement. PLUS if you work on your first date communication skills (connecting with eye contact, asking questions to draw him out and actually listening to his answers, and definitely avoiding TMI—too much information—especially about your baggage and horrifying details about your past love life) you will transform your dating success. Check out my latest book THE AUTOMATIC 2nd DATE for over 200 pages with step by step details and turn your dread of that next first date into anticipation of a fun night and maybe, just maybe, “the One”.

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