First Dates and the Garage Sale

I took part in my neighborhood garage sale yesterday. I have an overwhelming amount of STUFF that is just in my way, so I spent a week cleaning out, setting up and pricing each item (minimum of 75% off everything). The day came and man was I disappointed and irritable. Most every shopper haggled over things even priced at 50 cents (they wanted it cheaper). I even had an extra car for sale that is valued over $8500 in the blue book, My sign said “$7000 OBO” and someone at the garage sale actually offered $1000. Hey it’s a garage sale, why not? Then a grandma came by and wanted a book for her granddaughter that was one of my daughter’s favorite books. Painfully my daughter priced it at a $1 for this nice hard cover and the grandma kept haggling with my 5 year old daughter saying she only wanted to pay 25 cents. Then she opened her wallet full of cash and dug out a quarter to give to my daughter. It was shameful to rip off a little girl in my opinion. Come on Grandma, it was a little girl and you flaunted your cash in front of her. That was the way the 5 hour event went. Frankly, I turned down a lot of offers on some of my things because the offers were ridiculous and insulting. Instead of selling them, I’m turning around and happily GIVING them away to needy friends because I’d rather give it away and have someone cherish them than have them stolen from me for pennies. So there.

Okay, okay, so I’m over the disappointing garage sale. What is my take away from this event? First, if you want to get your money out of an item, don’t sell it at a garage sale. People only want dirt cheap, extremely underpriced bargains. So sell your valuables on Ebay or Craig’s list or through a classified ad.My second take away from the garage sale is that all of our daily experiences relate to another area of life. As a dating coach, of course I relate everything to relationships. So, have you ever been so hopeful for an upcoming first date that you seemingly spent the entire week getting ready, shopping for that special outfit, and hoping he would be “the one”, only to be disappointed when the day arrived and your man was a complete dud—far from the man you described on your ideal man list? Here’s the great news! If this happened, be thrilled that you have your wish list already written out and you realized you deserve better than the man who showed up for your date! You are far above most of today’s single women who figure “hey if he asks me out he must be worth it.” No he’s not. He has to measure up to what iyou truly want in a man to be worthy of your heart. If he clearly is not that man on date one, he’s not going to improve. Save yourself much anguish and move on. As Scarlet O’Hare says, “Tomorrow is another day.” And there will be another first date around the corner!


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