Finding the Silver Lining in Your Clouds

Have you ever been so disappointed in something that you couldn’t see any good in it at all? I’ve been silent on my blog for the past two weeks not because I’m been off to California on vacation but because I spent the last 11 days with a miserable flu! Ugh. And I was so looking forward to this vacation. I went back to my home in Orange County California to see family and friends and celebrate a major birthday for my Dad plus take my kids to Disneyland for a few days. What I ended up doing was spending 6 of the 9 days there in bed! Oh and let’s not hold back from you that our return flight was cancelled because of bad weather in Dallas so we ended up going to the airport early morning for 4 days with 3 of those days coming back to my Mother’s due to cancelled flights! Would my agony ever end? I was so bummed. I don’t get to go to California as often as I used to and I have so many people to see when I’m there and here I was wasting every moment in bed. Poor me… Then my sister gave me the silver lining I couldn’t see for myself. As a mom of young children, I never get a day off, not even to be sick. The husband works so he can’t cover for me when I’m too weak to play with the kids. Plus my in-laws live with us and their declining health would be in serious jeopardy should they catch what I had. So if I was going to be sick, there was no better place than in California. My mom took over and played with my kids as my husband worked. She fed us all week long and basically let me sleep. How cool was that? Sure I didn’t have the ideal trip home, but I had the best care for my misery. There was a silver lining in the clouds! How about you? Do you ever wonder what good could possibly come out of what seems like wasted disappointed days or years? Did you recently come out of a bad relationship or marriage and wondered what you had to show for those seemingly wasted years? There is always a silver lining somewhere. If you have children, the silver lining is your precious kids. In the very least, those years brought you to right now, right here, right where you are where you can start over and finally pursue the life you always wanted. This is Easter Weekend! When that dreadful Friday ended with Jesus’ death on the cross it was a monumental disappointment. Everything he promised seemed to fall apart at that moment! It wasn’t until the third day, when Sunday came and he rose again, that the silver lining appeared and it all made sense. And Sunday couldn’t come until Friday had happened. Sometimes the bad has to happen to bring about the good! What better weekend to grace the doors of church than this weekend. Try out that nearby church you’ve been thinking about visiting. Find your silver lining in your clouds.

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