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Victorya Michaels Rogers is the author of The Automatic 2nd Date and Finding a Man Worth Keeping. This author and speaker inspires her audiences to rekindle forgotten dreams as she shows them how to catch them. A former Hollywood agent, Victorya is a popular speaker on the talk circuit. With infectious enthusiasm, she speaks around the country at conferences, retreats, churches, singles' groups, and Women's Clubs.

Her latest book, Automatic 2nd Date comes straight from her heart and offers step-by-step advice for women on what to do before, during and after a first date to guarantee a second one. From no dates to being pursued by an Academy Award winner, rock star, gospel singer, athlete and more, Victorya went on more than 100 first dates with 98 percent of them asking her out for a second. Rogers has dating down to a science and enjoys teaching that science to her audience. Married for the past ten years, Victorya has set out to offer hope to those who are still struggling from years of disappointment and discouragement.

A former Hollywood agent, Victorya entered the entertainment world at 18, became an agent at 23, and for more than a decade was a prominent Hollywood agent booking millions of dollars in business annually. She represented award-winning producers, directors, writers, technical crew and actors for film and television. She also taught three years at the esteemed Entertainment Studies extension of UCLA on how to break into the entertainment business.

In 1998 retired from her agent career to start her own consulting company. Though frequently found in her native California, Victorya and her husband Will, live in a suburb of Dallas with their two children Matthew and Katie. Please visit Victorya Michael Rogers at http://www.mantokeep.com for more information.

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